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$6 / mo
  • Request Forms
  • 2 Domain Mail-id
  • Intreactive Website
  • Unlimited Web Pages
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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$15 / mo
  • 5 Domains Mail-id
  • Free Customization
  • Single Functionality
  • Complete Gold Plan
  • Two Business Posting
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$50/ mo
  • Secure Data
  • 99% up time
  • Dedicated Support
  • Customized Software
  • Complete Plan Features
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Website Plan Details

We bring two of the most economical plan in the market today, with no hidden cost, no cheap first year rate, no data based plan, but unlimited plans* with true and honest rates. Other website builders/products
Details Silver Plan Gold Plan Basic plan Advance Plan
Initial Charge/One time INR 2400 INR 2400 Variable Variable
Per/Month charge INR 100/- INR 200/- Around 100 Above 300
Yearly Subscptrition NO NO Yes Yes
Disk Space As Required As Required 1 GB 10 GB
Pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Band width As Required As Required 150GB 500GB
Mail Server -- Contact Mail Server No No
Mail ID -- 2 mail-Id with Gold Plan No 10
Mobile compitable Yes Yes No No

Web base software solutions

We bring two plans for you to choose from, for your software requirnment at unbelievable cost, avoid development cost*, No yearly renewal, No software maintaiance just get your software the way you like and start using.

Choose from our two plans for your software requirnment and just experiance our hassel free deploynment.
Details Premium Software
Registration INR 2400 INR 2400
Monthly Rent INR 500 INR 5000
E-Commerce For Shops & Stores Customised Software Requirnment
Online examination For coaching Institutes Customised Software Requirnment
Date Book For lawyers Customised Software Requirnment
Order Booking For restaurants Customised Software Requirnment
Inventory Managnmnet For Stores and Shops Customised Software Requirnment
Employ Managnmnet For Small Office Customised Software Requirnment
Invoice Generation For Small Business Customised Software Requirnment

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